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Mobile Tablet Responsive Websites

Here at Liam’s Pro Websites when we build a new site, we make sure it’s set up to function well on mobile devices. If you already have an older website that doesn’t work well on mobile devices – let us look at fixing it for you.

Here are some of the things we consider when producing a mobile friendly website for you.

Building Mobile Responsive Websites

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When it comes to web design, there are a range of ways in which a visitor can look at a website. The growing use of mobile devices for web browsing means that mobile web design needs to take into account various screen sizes, and both landscape and portrait formats of viewing a website. Mobile website design considerations alongside desktop ease of use needs to be balanced to accommodate various visitors.

What is a Mobile Responsive Website?

In the beginning, the internet was easy. Most of the monitors used a similar aspect ratio and it was known how big the screen would be. Fitting photos and text in the right places and having a fixed layout was not a problem. With the growth of the use with smartphones and tablets, developers have had to consider more about mobile website design. Instead of being a static format, the website must be developed to accommodate the type of screen that it is being viewed on.

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Why Mobile Web Design?

2016 was the magical year that internet traffic on mobile devices surpassed the personal computer. Now, mobile web design takes the shift in use case into account. We focus on the need for mobile website design to accommodate a range in screen sizes and even orientation. Pop-ups that are taken for granted as being easy to use from a desktop browser may be difficult to escape when limited to the smaller mobile phone screen. Wide text arrangements and scrolling features may be limited from a mobile device. The mobile web design expert of the modern era thinks in multiple dimensions, taking into account scaling a website up and down depending on the use case.

Mobile Website Design Today

There are many tools at hand for the mobile website developer. Simplicity is the central theme when it comes to making an easy-to-use experience for website visitors. This may mean limiting the amount of pop-ups or choosing simplicity as the path of least resistance. Font size and the length of copy are also of interest. Even the smallest paragraph can look like an essay on the small screen. The following considerations are important:

  • Online Forms: There are many online forms that are not mobile-friendly. Once the keyboard is activated on the mobile device a significant portion of the screen is lost and the site turns difficult to navigate.
  • Galleries: Groups of photos that are usually viewed with multiple across a page may be better one at a time in a scrolling fashion. Mobile web design takes into consideration a static option that changes layouts depending on screen width.
  • Button size: It’s easy to select a link or button using the precision of a mouse click, but for thicker fingers trying to select a link care must be taken for this level of accessibility.
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Mobile Web Design and Accessibility

Mobile web design is about making the website available for any user in any scenario. Central to the use of a website is accessibility and making the experience just as fun regardless of the device being used to view the website.

If you would like to learn more about mobile website design and development please don’t hesitate to Email Us.