Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

What is SEO?

The aim of most websites is to reach a potential ‘consumer’ with a service, product or information. Search Engine Optimisation helps you do this. SEO is the process of making it easy for search engines – such as Google or Yahoo – to find the most suitable websites when someone searches the web for a particular word or idea. The optimal case, with good SEO, is that your website will be offered on the first page returned by a Search Engine – as often users won’t click much past the first page of results that they are offered.

What does SEO stand for

What makes good SEO?

In order to achieve good SEO, your website will need to include well written content, appropriate keywords, and links to relevant articles or websites. There are tools available that we use to see what keywords are being ‘searched’. The best keywords can then be used on a website in the content, different headings, titles and images.

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