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Looking for a web design agency based in Brisbane?

Although we now build websites from Highfields, Liam’s Professional Websites was based in Brisbane for 11 years. We know Brisbane back to front and are passionate about helping Brisbane-based businesses. 

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We make it simple to obtain a quality website for your business.

No matter what your business size and whether you are a professional or a home hobby enthusiast, Liam’s Professional Websites take all the complications out of having a good looking and functional website. And we build your site specifically for your needs, while keeping the price reasonable.

Here are some of the things we consider when producing a mobile friendly website for you.

What does a good website do?

Help people find you!  

A good website needs to be setup so that people can find it in search engines like Google.  We build websites that take into consideration Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Be clear and easy to use.

Even if a website can be found easily, if it isn’t easy to use, most people will quickly leave the site and go to the next option.  We strive to design websites that deliver a good user experience so that users stay and discover what you have to offer.

Have a clear call to Action.

Whatever the action is that you want your site visitor to take, we make this easy to find and use.

Allow you to monitor activity on the site.

We setup analytics so that you can see how your website is performing.

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Give your business an online presence

How do I get a website built for my business?

We make the process easy. You don’t need to know any technical details. You just need to know about your topic/business and what you are hoping to achieve by having a website.

Overview of the website design process and what we do:

  • Listen to what you want to achieve.
  • Provide you with some Website Design suggestions.
  • Provide a quote (often with alternatives).
  • Sign a contract – so you know what you will get, and when.
  • Build the Website on the domain you choose (eg
  • Put your content (articles/images) onto the site.
  • Get you to review the site.
  • Make necessary changes.
  • Hand the site over to you with a backup and instructions (unless you get us to manage it).

The process is non-threatening and usually, it’s a lot of fun as we get to know your specific business and see it presented to the world via the web.

Call Us Today – We’d love to have a chat, even if it’s just an initial enquiry about what may be possible. 

WordPress Websites

We predominantly use WordPress as the platform for our websites. WordPress is used in around 40% of all websites.  This means that it is continually updated, improved and current.  WordPress can also be straightforward to update with new content and small changes. 

This means that – once your website is built – it is possible to make changes to your website without getting outside assistance.  When we hand over your finished website, we can also provide YouTube videos to give you instructions on how to do updates yourself. Alternatively, we can manage all the updates, SEO, backups, broken links and updates for you. 

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